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5-minute stress busters: Make a gratitude list Ask yourself: What went right today? Stretch your neck and legs Go for a brisk walk Deep breathing (breathe in for 4, out for 4, or longer if you can) Have a Rescue Remedy candy (or gum, or 3-5 drops in water) Brew a cup of herbal tea Write in your journal Play with the dog Visualize your desired outcome Do some tai chi or chi gung (really, my chi gung routine lasts 5 minutes!) Scan your body for tension and relax those muscles Punch a pillow! Meditate Listen to music Sing Affirmations (positive self-talk) Close your eyes and imagine you are in your favorite vacation spot (not when you’re driving...) Listen to a relaxation tape (again, not when you’re driving...) Books on managing stress: The SuperStress Solution Getting Things Done

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