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There are so many famous folks who have cancer, have had cancer, or have died of cancer. I bet a number of them were very secretive about it, especially in the "old days" when cancer was generally not spoken about at all and referred to, if at all, as "the big 'C."" But these days, celebrities seem to feel pretty comfortable talking about having cancer. Thank goodness they're providing some substance to the celeb mags, between the "which 2 divas wore the same dress?" column and the "Guess whose cellulite-ridden butt this is?" photos. The point of my posting this list is this: Notice the great variety of people on this list. If the Founder of the Peace Corps, Don Knotts, Mr. Wizard, and 2 serial killers get the same diagnosis, then I must conclude that cancer, and disease in general is not doled out on a "who deserves this most?" basis. Ty Cobb - Baseball Player Gary C. Comer - Founder of Lands End clothing company Joseph Kauffman - Peace Corps Founder June Pointer - Singer (Pointer Sisters) Patsy Ramsey - Mother of JonBenet Ramsey Rudolf Vrba - Auschwitz death camp escapee Queen Hatshepsut - Ancient Egyptian Mummy (cancer is not a new invention!) Don Herbert - TV Host ("Mr. Wizard") Terry Jones - Actor ("Monty Python") Lee Atwater - Chairman, Republican National Committee George Gershwin - Composer Bob Marley - Reggae Singer Frank Edward "Tug" McGraw - Baseball Player Bobby Murcer - New York Yankees' Announcer Pat Paulsen - Comedian Slim Pickens - Actor Pete Rozelle - NFL Commissioner Wilma Rudolph - Olympic Gold Medalist Gene Siskel - Movie Critic Deke Slayton - Astronaut Robert Swanson - Founder of Genentech Ingrid Bergman - Actress Shirley Temple Black - Actress Erma Bombeck - Journalist Julia Child - Chef Sheryl Crow - Singer-Songwriter Bette Davis - Actress Elizabeth Edwards - Wife of US Senator Melissa Etheridge - Musician Edie Falco - Actress Peggy Fleming - Figure Skater Betty Ford - First Lady Kathryn Frost - Major General in US Army (Highest Ranking Woman in US Army) Nanci Griffith (Breast Cancer, Thyroid Cancer) - Singer Ruth Handler - Barbie Doll Kate Jackson - Actress Ann Jillian - Actress Susan Komen (Her sister, Nancy Brinker, founded the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.) Patti LaBelle - Singer Juliette Gordon Low - Founder, Girl Scouts of the USA Linda Eastman McCartney - Wife of Paul McCartney Olivia Newton-John - Actress/Singer Sandra Day O'Connor - Supreme Court Justice Nancy Reagan - Former First Lady Lynn Redgrave - Actress Cokie Roberts - Journalist Carly Simon - Singer Jaclyn Smith - Actress Suzanne Somers - Actress Gloria Steinem - Founder, Ms. Magazine Sharon Osbourne - Wife of Ozzie Osbourne Ronald Reagan - US President Charles Schultz - Peanuts Tony Snow - White House Press Secretary Darryl Strawberry - Baseball Player Ann Richards - Texas Governor Desi Arnez - Actor Jack Benny (Lung Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer) - Comedian Leonard Bernstein - Composer Yul Brynner - Actor Nat "King" Cole - Musician Gary Cooper - Actor Joe DiMaggio - Baseball Player Walt Disney - Animator Jimmy Dorsey - Musician Morton Downey, Jr. - Comedian Duke Ellington - Musician Susan Hayward - Actress Nancy Gore Hunger - Al Gore's Sister Peter Jennings - ABC Anchor Don Knotts - Actor Roger Maris - Baseball Player Dean Martin - Actor Wayne McLaren - Marlboro Man David McLean - Marlboro Man Steve McQueen - Actor Tammy Faye Messner - Televangelist Robert Mitchum - Actor Claude Monet - Painter Edward R. Murrow - Journalist Vincent Price - Actor Lou Rawls - Soul Singer Dana Reeve - Actress Cal Ripkin, Sr. - Baseball Player Ed Sullivan - Entertainer Will Thornbury - Actor (Camel TV Ads) Spencer Tracy - Actor John Wayne - Actor Carl Wilson - Musician Warren Zevon (Mesothelioma) - Musician Paul Allen - Cofounder of Microsoft Gene Autry - Singer/Actor Ed Bradley - CBS News Anchor (60 Minutes) Robin Bush (Leukemia, age 3) - Daughter of President George H.W. Bush King Hussein - Jordanian King Arte Johnson - Actor Charles A. Lindbergh - Aviator Mickey Mantle, Jr. - Baseball Player Roger Maris - Baseball Player Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Nobel Laureate Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis - First Lady Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi - Shah of Iran Joey Ramone - Musician/Singer Fred Thompson - US Senator Paul Tsongas - US Senator Mr. T (Laurence Tureaud) - Actor Gene Wilder - Comedian Coretta Scott King - widow of Martin Luther King Jr. Count Basie - Jazz Musician Jack Benny - Comedian Former president Jimmy Carter lost four family members to pancreatic cancer. Joan Crawford - Actress Dizzy Gillespie - Jazz Musician Steve Jobs (Islet Cell Neuroendocrine Tumor) - Apple Corp. CEO Michael Landon - Actor Henry Mancini - Musician Margaret Mead - Anthropologist Luciano Pavarotti - Singer Mel Sachs - Attorney to the Stars Harry Belafonte - Musician/Actor James Brown - Singer, Godfather of Soul Bob Dole - US Senator Louis Farrakhan - Leader of Nation of Islam Rudolph Giuliani - Former NYC Mayor Andy Grove - Intel Corp. Bob Hayes - Olympic Gold Medalist Charlton Heston - Actor John Kerry - US Senator Timothy Leary - LSD Nelson Mandela - Former President of South Africa Roger Moore - Actor Rupert Murdoch - Media Magnate Jerry Orbach - Actor Arnold Palmer - Golfer Floyd Patterson - Heavyweight Champion of the World Linus Pauling - Nobel Laureate Colin Powel - US Secretary of State Norman Schwarzkopf - Retired General Joe Torre - NY Yankees Frank Zappa - Musician Wayne Boden - Serial Killer (Vampire Rapist) Fitz Dixon Jr. - Owner of Philadelphia 76ers Stuart Entwistle - Surfer John McCain - US Senator Elizabeth Taylor - Actress Napolean Bonaparte - French Emperor Lance Armstrong - Tour de France Winner Richard Belzer - Actor/Comedian Tom Green - Comedian Scott Hamilton - Figure Skater Dean Martin - Actor Humphrey Bogart - Actor Sean Connery - Actor Sammey Davis, Jr. - Entertainer Ulysses S. Grant - US President George Harrison - Musician Babe Ruth - Baseball Player Lana Turner - Actress Mary Wells - Singer Isaac Asimov - Author Rudy Bladel - Serial Killer (1978 Railroad Murders) Gail Devers - Athlete Roger Ebert - Movie Critic Nanci Griffith - Singer Joe Piscopo - Actor/Comedian William Rehnquist - Supreme Court Justice Rod Stewart - Musician Fran Drescher - Actress Archbishop Christodoulos - Leader of Greek Orthodox Church Farrah Fawcett - Actress Sigmund Freud - Psychologist Francis George - Roman Catholic Cardinal Bobby Hamilton - NASCAR driver Aaron Spelling - TV Producer source:


laurie January 16, 2010 @11:23 pm wow, that's an amazing list!

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