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OK, so I promised an update after I finished my liquid fast. I fasted for 5 days, drinking only Vega powder and rice milk. The first couple days were hard- seeing food anywhere, on TV or in real life was tough, but after that it was no big deal. And I was amazed how much more time there is in the day when you're not cooking, shopping, and doing dishes. Ironically, though, here you are with more time, so hypothetically you could finally catch up on somethings, but you're supposed to REST. So that's mostly what I did, read books, chill out, do a little light housework and office stuff, cleaned my desk off. Day 1 and 2, I was feverish and had a headache. The headache I'm sure was caffeine withdrawal. Day 3, I was nauseous and even threw up. Day 4 I sneezed all day. Day 5 I had a pain in my side, which I realized the following day was PMS (TMI?). Day 5 I broke the fast in the evening with sweet potato soup and a few rice crackers. The next day we went out for sushi, and here's where things get interesting, when you start adding back foods. This is a great opportunity to realize which foods are culprits. Now remember I always bring my own soy sauce (Bragg's Amino acids) because regular soy sauce is *not* gluten-free. Some caramel coloring has gluten as well, so I don't even drink coca-cola anymore, just seltzer. I had a philly roll and an avocado roll, and I paid for it the next day. Which was it? Well, then I recalled the same- uh- bathroom symptoms from when I lived in Florida and ate an avocado every day, and had those symptoms every day. OK, so this fast did several things: gave me some rest, detoxed me, and taught me I shouldn't be eating avocados. I probably won't ever know if it reduced my inflammation because on day 6 (the day I started eating again for real), I got rear-ended in a car accident, and I'm pretty sure that will raise my inflammation for a while. My main goal in this fast was to reduce inflammation, but because I did not get my blood drawn in that tiny window of time between fasting and getting in a car accident, we can't know how effective the fast was towards that end. However, I can say that I was in no pain by day 2 (other than the nausea, but the usual tendinitis pain was completely gone), and that pain has not returned. I have some stiffness in my neck from the accident, but it is a different pain and will pass.

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