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I used to think if i just didn't eat wheat, I was gluten free. Then I found out I needed to avoid oats, barley and rye. Anyhow a lot of breads that say "rye" are wheat plus rye. Then I started learning how many places wheat and gluten are hidden- soy sauce, shampoo (!), envelope glue, other sauces, whipped cream, oy! Here I was having given up so many foods I love (pizza, pasta, birthday and wedding cake, sandwiches) and I was still eating gluten and not even knowing it. That made me really mad! Then, of course I adjusted. And remember, gluten intolerance and celiac disease aren't really helped much by just cutting back on gluten. If you were allergic to shrimp, or bees, you wouldn't have a little shrimp or an occasional bee sting. If you really want to feel better, you have to be gluten- FREE, not gluten-reduced. Eating out has been challenging, but I have found a few places near me that have great salad bars (stick to oil and vinegar dressing to be sure you're not getting hidden gluten), no croutons, no crackers. One chain I have found that is extremely gluten-free friendly is Uno's. They have a gluten-free menu that includes, among other things, PIZZA! It still has cheese, and people, we shouldn't be eating tons of cheese, but as an occasional treat, once every couple months, it keeps me from falling off the wagon after watching everyone around me eat whatever they please all day long. Uno's is also extremely careful about not contaminating gluten-free food with gluten. If you order gluten-free pizza, the manager comes out and delivers it to the table. I think if you join their page on facebook you can get some coupons, sometimes really good ones like buy one get one free entree.!/UnoChicagoGrill

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