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Everyone's abuzz about Christina Aguilera screwing up the national anthem at the superbowl. From what I can tell, all she did was grab a phrase from one line and sing it too early in the song. Haven't we *all* done that? All us performers anyway. That's nothing. I'll tell you how to screw up the Star Spangled Banner. - Start too high, get to a part where you can't hit the high note, and start over. Repeatedly. - When you're done, grab your crotch and spit (Roseanne Barr). - start stuttering and laughing (although in the case of a disabled person, this actually brought out the best in the crowd- but if you're not disabled, it might not work). Seriously, in light of how badly this song has been done by so many, Aguilera's was a rather respectable performance- at least she took the task seriously. Actually, it would be nice if she would try a little *less* hard, and sing a few less notes per syllable. Tone it down to maybe 5 or 6 notes per word, perhaps. It's a hard song. I sang it once at a swim meet- mercifully held indoors. I sang poolside in what was essentially the world's largest bathroom- who doesn't sound good in the bathroom? I brought my guitar out, even though i wasn't really using it- it wasn't amplified, wouldn't be heard. But I was using it to get my starting pitch and I have the words on a tiny cheat sheet taped to the side of the instrument. Start low, that's the trick. Don't want to get to "the land of the free"- the climax of the song- and not be able to hit it. What's weird about performing the anthem is that people applaud at the end, but it's not really for you, so you're not sure how to react. You don't say thank you... but you don't want to be rude. So, I just wave. Kind of a happy medium. FWIW, I really wish we could change the national anthem to one that celebrates the beauty of America, instead of glorifying war. My nomination: America the Beautiful (best version: Ray Charles). But for now, this is still our anthem. Check out Huey Lewis and the News a capella 1985- now *this* is how it's done!


Cindy Farslow February 08, 2011 @01:53 pm I didn't watch, but someone had posted it almost immediately on Facebook... Thing that kind of bothered me, is that she didn't even look like she realized the goof, and boy, did she ever go for a world's record on notes per syllable! I love the way you put that! Also, thanks for the Youtube of how it should be done!
Gordon Nash February 07, 2011 @07:13 pm I wasn't paying close attention and didn't catch her screwing up the lyrics. The one that bothered me was Lea Michele. I found her "America the Beautiful" painful.

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