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One would hope that the announcement that Toni Braxton has lupus would help bring some much-needed attention and compassion for the disease. Instead, below we get comments like this (note: Toni Braxton filed for bankruptcy with debts of $50 million- admittedly, a sum I cannot fathom, but a separate issue altogether form illness): "No, Toni Braxton I am not giving you my hard earned money to get you out of debt. No matter how many stars you bring out or variety acts you have. Instead of shopping sprees how about going to the doctor? Lupus is NOT cancer. You can treat your symptoms and if you take care of yourself, you can live. Bet that girl from the Lion King wished she had Braxton's money. But she's dead now, from cancer not lupus." No, lupus is not cancer. And cancer is not lupus. And cancer, for god's sake is not the only disease that deserves to be taken seriously! Why are we even bring cancer into the discussion? I'm afraid the cancer people (breast in particular) have done such a great job getting people to care about their disease that there is no compassion left for any other diseases. God help you if you get the wrong disease. You got cancer? How can I help? You got lupus? How can i mock and insult you? You know, we lose our hair and go through chemo, too. We get anemic, our kidneys fail, we even die from our disease. We just don't have the right label when it happens. And on top of that you can get lupus *and* cancer. But if you get lupus first, no one will give a flying poop when you do get cancer. "Oh you've got another diseases? What else is new?" Infuriating. It would be nice if one of the online articles covering Toni's lupus announcement would either tell the whole story of the bankruptcy or leave it out, because it is completely clouding the issue of lupus awareness. It is making her announcement entirely ineffective. here's the story

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