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After sitting around for several hours at my parents' house enjoying my favorite Christmas present (besides being alive), a Van Halen Pictorial history book, I began waxing philosophical (Van Halen does that to me- well, VH with David Lee Roth. Sammy Hagar, not so much)... I have been reflecting upon the gifts that 2007 brought me. Which included seeing Van Halen on tour, with Diamond Dave, at Madison Square Garden. I screamed for 2 hours and smiled for a week. Also, getting married to my lovemuffin ( and going to Hawaii on honeymoon (and surfing!). Not necessarily in order of gratitude, but definitely in increasing order of likelihood (as in not-a-shot-in-H-E-doubletoothpicks, whodathunkit, and maybe someday). It's hard to believe that just over a year ago I had canceled our wedding due to illness (last October, my 3rd episode of kidney failure since 1993. I got sprung from the hospital on Halloween- hospital robe- instant costume!). I'm feeling much better now, partly because I scaled back my concerts for 2007 and have been more conscious of preserving my Qi (energy/ life force). For example, I no longer sleep in the van (partly because I traded it in), and I try to fly more and drive fewer hours. I also gave up Diet Coke and began getting acupuncture again (it's been a while). I've felt less zombie-esque this past month than I have in probably 18 months. So, who knows, I may even feel human in 08! I just hope it doesn't ruin my comedy. ;)

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