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Her Fabulous Debut

by Carla Ulbrich

Released 2000
A Major Record Label
Released 2000
A Major Record Label
A cheery, funny, fresh, fun, family-friendly acoustic-based album. Award-winning songs, humorous to poignant, about finding the perfect man, dating for the food, addiction, the Guinness book of records, and a song about nothing. You'll want to sing along.
Carla Ulbrich has been compared to the likes of Ray Stevens, Weird Al, Jerry Seinfeld, Chet Atkins and a bologna sandwich.

A better guitar player than most bologna sandwiches, Carla originally hails from Clemson, SC, bringing her peculiar brand of humor to stages all over the US and England.

This is her first CD, released in late 1999, and it covers topics such as finding the perfect man, child prodigies, chocolate, TV dating shows, dating for the food, nothing, and (Carla's most requested song) "What if Your Girlfriend was Gone." This nifty little recording was created live in the studio in Cayce (ColumPia), SC, with Jack Williams and his band gathered 'round the mics like in the old days of making records.

Carla's live shows and CDs have earned her some cool awards and nice gigs:

- 2006 Novelty Song of the year, Just Plain Folks Awards
- 2004 Kerrville NewFolk Finalist
- 2004 Falcon Ridge Most Wanted Emerging Artist
- Guest of Honor, Oasis, Contata and FKO conventions
- Avalon Nude Folk Festival
- 2003 and 2004 USA song contest finalist
- 2004 2nd place novelty album, Just Plain Folks Awards
- Best Upbeat and Best Overall, 1999 South Florida Folk Fest's Song Competition
- 1st place, 2000 and 1998 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest (open category)
- 2nd place, 1998 Chris Austin Songwriting Contest
- 2nd place, Gamble Rogers Folk Fest's Fingerpicking contest
- 2004: #8 and #10 songs of the year on Dr. Demento
- grants from the SC Arts Commission and Jim Beam to help fund recordings

Carla has taught guitar at several colleges and the National Guitar Workshop. She tours relentlessly all over the country (and into England and Canda), has appeared on numerous radio stations (including Sirius XM, and the BBC), as well as USA's "Up All Night" and PAX TV. She has shared the bill with such luminaries as Cheryl Wheeler and Twiggy the Water Skiing Squirrel. Carla Ulbrich is a member of ASCAP and President of the Difficult Last Name Club, likes cheese, and collects bottlecaps.

Prefer to purchase downloads? This CD is available on,,,,,,, and Audio Lunchbox (and others).

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