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Totally Average Woman

by Carla Ulbrich

Released 2015
Romantic Devil Records
Released 2015
Romantic Devil Records
Half parodies, half originals, 100% funny. Need tips on choosing a beverage? Traveling to China? Getting away from someone who won't stop talking? Why this CD is practically a public service announcement. Without all that boring useful info.
Carla Ulbrich is a comical singer-songwriter/ guitarist from Clemson, South Carolina currently living in New Jersey (all together: "what exit?"). She cites her biggest musical influences as Sesame Street, camp songs, and cat food commercials.

Carla has toured all over the US and England, and has appeared on ABC, USA Network, the BBC, Dr. Demento, Sirius XM Radio's "Laugh USA," and The Bob and Sherrie Show. She also appeared as a background actor in, um... noteworthy ... TV movie “Sharknado 2.”

"Very talented, very funny, very personable, and an easy act to work with. We would be hard pressed to imagine anyone not enjoying a set... thoughtful and intelligent, sometimes clever observations about life are written in an often wry and humorous manner are placed over very strong melodies and guitar work that is recognized as some of the best in her genre."
-Seegar Swanson, manager of Fiddler’s Green Coffeehouse

"Totally Average Woman" is Carla's 6th release. Produced by: Bob Malone (solo act and keyboard player for John Fogerty; also produced Carla's "Sick Humor" CD, her most popular CD to date; and Steve Goodie (solo comedic performer and producer/ engineer/ multi-instrumentalist). 2/3 of the CD was recorded with Bob in Camarillo, California and the rest was recorded in Nashville, with the exception of a few vocal parts done in Carla's next-door neighbor's living room. Oh, and the "bonus track," which was recorded in a friends' dining room.

Starting out as a folksy, earnest singer-songwriter, Carla would sing serious songs and tell ridiculous stories between songs. Eventually she turned the banter into songs, and had to write new banter. Which then turned into more songs... Eventually she realized she was better off just being herself- silly and irreverent but not mean. Dancing right up to the line, but not quite crossing it (usually). And usually making herself the butt of the jokes.

If she hadn't fallen ill and been fired from her "secure" job as a result, Carla probably never would've overcome her stage fright and would still be wearing a suit, panty hose and uncomfortable shoes, selling pianos or luggage somewhere in North or South Carolina. And we wouldn't have all these songs about food, relationships, and butts. Now wouldn't that be a shame?