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My Blog
thoughts on chronic illness, our messed up medical system, keeping hope alive, other random stuff.
Symple, a free app to track your symptoms:
iPeriod (ladies!), free app to track your cycle:
Blood Pressure Companion (free app for tracking your blood pressure)
Depression/ Anxiety measurement App
Measure and/ or monitor levels of anxiety, depression, PTSD, or bipolar symptoms with a 3-minute quiz. The app keeps track of your previous scores.
Lose It! (free app for tracking your weight)!-weight-loss-program/id297368629?mt=8
Notes From the Couch
A psychologist who is dealing with chronic illness- a wounded healer, and really neat lady I met at a luncheon. Great bunch of links to other fab resources here.
Jack Lalanne
An inspiration! Swimming while towing huge boats filled with people in his 60s and 70s. Old does not have to mean decrepit.
Movie Mom
This site helps you protect your soul from being exposed to violence, or other objectionable content in movies. Find out what you're in for before you go- no more bad movie nights!
Find Carla's Book in the library

List of libraries who carry Carla's book "How Can You NOT Laugh at a Time Like This?"

Rhode Island Nightclub Survivor Story
Remarkable story of how one man beat all odds and stood up and walked away from a disaster while nearly everyone around him perished.
Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor
Organization of professionals and nonprofessionals dedicated to research and education about the healing power of laughter. Big annual conference, CEUs available.
Cure for Lupus
SLE - Lupus Awareness, Information, and Merchandise
Promoting Lupus Education, Awareness and Research. Shop for a wide variety of hard to find, unique Lupus Merchandise.
New Zealand tries to ban nutrasweet
Blog on Diet and Health
Wow- what a courageous blog. You really are what you eat. We can control our own well-being!
Farmer's Market Search
Eat fresh- no, not a bunch of pre-cut packaged vegetables and lunch meat on a sub roll, *really* fresh- find a farmer's market near you. God's medicine.
Gluten-free diet helps many diseases
an interview with an author about the benefits of eating gluten-free
Vitamins and lupus?
8 medical terms your doctors uses to insult
* contains bad words! shocking, insulting, and true.
The Patient's Bill of Rights
Did you know we had rights? Read and be empowered!
Carla on facebook
Like facebook? Add me to your profile.
Carla in concert
Here's a little demo video of me on youtube.
(Anti) Cancer Diet
Budwig diet, for creating an environment in your body (through diet) that is friendly to healthy cells and unfriendly to disease (cancer).
Great advice for lupus from Dr Weil
Doctor and author Andrew Weil dishes some great advice on dealing with your or a loved one's lupus.
Chet Atkins' Website
Seaside Naturals Cleaning Products
nontoxic cleaning and personal care products, makes for a healthier home and world. Invented by a woman with lupus.
The Cure Zone
Got an ailment? Look it up here and get educated instead of medicated. Lots of great natural cures for whatever ails you.
Famous Last Words
The last words of illustrious figures: presidents, actors, emperors, poets, artists.
Nutrasweet Controversy
Case of a woman whose debilitating health problems seem to be entirely caused by consuming aspartame (Nutrasweet).
Myasthenia Gravis Assoc. of Colorado
"Feelings I Keep to Myself" by Mark Flapan, PhD. A wonderful article about all the stuff that goes on emotionally when you develop a rare and/ or chronic illness.
Think Outside the Bottle
Tap water, bottled water- learn about it.
Consumers Union
Tips on staying safe in the hospital. Hospital error is the 4th leading cause of death in the US! Don't eb a statistic!
Hospice Regatttas
My Dad is involved in the Hospice regatta (sailboat races) every year at the local sailng club. They raise money for Hospice, which is an incredible place. Local hospices care for the dying with compassion and gracefully lead them toward the other side when it is time to go.
Dementia Radio
streaming radio programs of wacky songs. (nothing to do with actual dementia, the illness. This is an unofficial off-shoot of Dr. Demento).
50 spf clothing
how awesome is this? I discovered 50 spf shirts when I tooka surf lesson in hawaii! You don't have to hide from the sun all day if you're worried about melanoma or other skin conditions. I think I need the driving sleeve- at least for my left arm.
Natural remedies for Hair Loss
list of extracts and herbs to help regain your lovely locks.
The Spoon Theory

Best explanation I've seen about managing fatigue with a chronic illness.

Water Cure
drink water, feel better, prevent disease. it's that simple. (soda, alcohol and caffienated beverages do not count)
How Laughter Works
The How Stuff Works website.
World Laughter Tour
These folks have local chapters all over the world. You can always spot a member by their smile and shining face (and their laughter!).
Lupus Foundation of America
National Organization dedicated to educating patients and spreading awareness about lupus. Local chapters all over the US.
Cancer Treatment Centers of America
These are the folks you hear about on the TV commercials. They have sponsored and attended a number of AATh conventions, so they are serious about humor...
The singing patient's fave flix
My favorite movies- some funny, some sad, some action-packed (but not too gory or dark). I put the G-rated ones at the top (goes downhill from there) :-)
Gotham Writers Group
Hone your writing skills! Great classes, great teachers, reasonable prices, and you can take classes *online*.
Bravo's 100 Funniest Movies
Well, it's just one TV channel's opinion, but there are at least 20 good ideas for a great laugh on this list of 100. Start your own list on their site!
AFI's 100 funniest movies
Again, I haven't seen all these, and haven't found all the ones I have seen to be funny. But- good place to get started.
The Serious Comedy Website
Reviews and links to all the funny CDs, DVDs, Tv shows, books, articles, you can think of.
Journalist Discriminated Against for having Parkinson's
This is the very reason many folks hide their illnesses. I was fired from a stupid job for being sick, which in the end was blessing, but I probably could have sued them. I just didn't want to go down that path. this guy didn't either.
Life with Lupus
Online support community; patients helping patients
We Have Lupus: Chat Room
Sometimes when you're lonely or overwhelmed or can't sleep- or all of the above... it helps to "chat" with others who know exactly what you're going through.
Upright Citizens Brigade
Have fun and get your butt kicked in some comedy improv classes (or go see some shows). I took Comedy 101 here. Got my butt kicked. Had fun.
Everything But the Mime
My college booking agents. They only do colleges! Please e mail about other events.
My secret Identity
All "superheroes" (and supervillains) have a secret identity. Well here's mine. Guess it's not so secret now.
Jest For the Health of It
Patty Wooten, RN and speaker, presents programs for nurses on humor.
People's Improv Theater
Another place to take comedy classes and get your butt kicked! This page is for the NYC location.
Joe G
Great songwriter and guitar player, both funny and poignant. And that is why he's my lovemuffin.,
Grant Livingston
A very fine human being, and a great South Florida-based songwriter. We spent many hours together in 2002 and 2003. After I had the strokes, he learned all my songs on guitar so I could sing them. Once I ran over his laptop with my van. And he is still my friend. I told you he was a fine human being.
Throwing Toasters
This comedy music "band" is the brainchild of my very funny pal Grant Baciocco. I have 2 dear friends named Grant. This Grant lives in Burbank, CA and his hair sticks straight up. I've stayed at his place, we've done ridiculous stuff on internet radio and done some shows together. Oh yeah and Waffle House.
Deirdre Flint
Another petite female funny songwriter, she's now part of the 4 bitchin' babes. We've done numerous shows together. She's very smart and funny.
guide to safe household cleaners
Enell Sports Bra
The bra Oprah loves because it holds those puppies in place while you work out.