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I had a scare about 7 weeks ago: my lab tests were quite bad, and my rheumatologist wanted to have me go back on immune suppressants to protect my vital organs (especially my kidneys).

Now I'm what you might call a "bad patient" ("non-compliant"). Rather than doing what I'm told, when I'm given a prescription for something I do NOT want to do, I go home and think about it, research it, and see if there is *any* other possible option. It was during my rumination that a friend called me to tell me about a nutrition plan she had been using to detox and slim down. I had nothing to lose (well, 15 pounds), so I decided to try it.

Since I was doing it alone (no friend/ partner doing it with me), I decided to make the internet my "accountability partner." Yes, the whole world. I started a vlog (video blog). Every day, I went onto youtube to talk about or sing about how I did that day.
<SPOILER ALERT: I feel SO much better! All the constant discomfort in my shoulders (sometimes labeled Fibromyalgia) that has plagued me for 20 years has disappeared. And I'm 6 pounds slimmer. So, I'm staying on the plan. I kinda like being comfortable in my own skin!>

Here's my vlog (around day 7, I started including little songs-of-the-day. The posts about farts were quite popular. Well, it *is* the internet):