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I had a beautiful time playing for the Bedside Harp Salon (meeting)- these folks go to patients' bedisdes and play for them. They are an amazing bunch of folks. I am in awe of caregivers who put themselves out on a limb all day long, every day, usually for not the biggest paycheck. God's hands and feet. I played my ridiculous songs about waiting room and IV needles and a disappearing butt for God's hands and feet. I believe God has a sense of humor. (I think I frequently test that sense of humor...) The Avalon Nudist festival was really fun. Such nice people. I once again left my clothes on (except my shoes, but I'm always taking my shoes off- I'm a lifelong nudist from the ankles down). My beau won the rising star song contest (interesting name...) there that weekend as well! it really is beautiful in PawPaw, WV.