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Did you ever wonder why, given the same diagnosis, some people thrive and others don't? Learn about the traits of a survivor at a Free Show this Wed. in Wayne, NJ: "Laughter is the Best Medicine." See calendar page for details.

I recently went back to Clemson (my hometown) for a short visit. Saw the whole family, including Dad (he lives in a health care facility now; he has Alzheimer's, but he still knows who everybody is, and he is fun to visit, always happen to see me. The nurses love him, and no one seems to mind if he is wearing 2 pairs of pants, mismatched shoes, or 4 shirts. They do try to stop him from showering 4 times a day, though. You have to pick your battles...).  While I was in Clemson, I also cleaned out the attic (Mom is selling the house and moving) and I found my beloved bottlecap collection ! O joy!

The downside of this hometown visit is that while I was gone, Joe (my husband), ended up in the hospital with blood clots in his lungs (pulmonary embolisms)- and I wasn't home to take care of him - or the dog. I got home the next day. He was in the hospital for 4 days, and was quite the jokester with the nurses. They were attaching his electrodes (heart monitor) and he jerked around, pretending he was getting electrocuted. Nearly gave the nurses a heart attack, but they got a good laugh out of it. He apologized for scaring them more than he meant to, but they were laughing and said "Laughter is the Best Medicine!" (Funny, I'm doing a show this Wednesday with exactly that title.)

I was visiting him when they announced he was going to be released. Well you know how long it takes from saying you'll be released to actually being released (hours!). Luckily, it was bingo day! They bring cards around and the announcer is on the hospital's closed circuit TV calling the numbers. I won 15 times. I think there were only 2 of us in the whole building playing- 3 if you count the announcer. The prizes are all plastic things like backscratchers and bag clips, and they all say "St Peter's University hospital" on them... well, it's not the prize, it's the thrill of victory.

We were about to leave when we spotted the food cart in the hall. He stayed for dinner, if that gives you any idea what an awful cook I am. Once he was done with his cheeseburger (yeah that's what they serve in the cardio unit!) he came home to a very happy dog. He is doing fine and has a great doctor.

I'm a muppet! I'm a muppet! I've always wanted to be a muppet!

The multitalented Luke Ski put together a spoof of the muppet show for the opening of the Marscon science fiction and funny music convention. If you're a fan of the muppet show, or comedy music, or better yet, both, you will really enjoy this: