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In July, Carla competed in 2 Toastmasters contests in her club: The Humorous Speech Contest and Table Topics. (Table Topics is when you are asked a surprise question and you have 1-2 minutes to give a cohesive answer). She won both club contests and advanced to the Area contests, held on August 24, where she won both contests again.

Carla now advances to compete in both of the Division contests (Humorous Speech and Table Topics) on Sept. 12.

Some people ask why in the world Carla would join Toastmasters- isn't she already comfortable in front of an audience? "Yes, but ... preparing a cohesive, speech with a logical train of thought is a whole different ball of wax when compared to getting up and just introducing a song, playing it, then introducing another completely unrelated song, playing it, etc., until your set is over. I have yet to learn the art of writing a great speech, but have at least so far, in the trying, gained new respect for great public speakers."

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