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I have this app on my iphone that tells me the sunrise and sunset times. I was so excited to note that in just 7 days, the days will turn around and start getting longer by about a minute a day. So I posted something on facebook, only to be corrected - apparently winter solstice isn't for another 2-3 weeks. What?

Oh, see, the sunset will be a minute later here in New Jersey in 7 days, but apparently the sunrise will also be a minute later, so the *day* isn't any longer. But I'm not up at sunrise (who can stay up that late every night?). So, in my reality, the daylight will last a minute longer. I guess I'll be having that little winter solstice party by myself on December 13.

Last month I also had the pleasure of being part of the Kong Show, a very special vaudeville-type variety show series going on in Manhattan (that's New York City, to the rest of us, but they like to be called "Manhattan." Remember that if you're ever on a date with Manhattan).

The next night I was in New York- uh, Manhattan- again, sitting in with Bob Malone and his amazing pickup band at the famed Iridium Jazz Club on Broadway where Les Paul used to play. The band was flat-out incredible, and we played "Sittin' in the Waiting Room" with a horn section, drums, piano, bass... wow, it was great. Hopefully I'll obtain some video to share with you.

There's only one public show I have to invite you all to this month but it's a good one! Morristown, NJ, First Night (New Year's Eve, alcohol-free, family friendly, music acts, comedy, dance, crafts, food, fireworks). There is time to catch up to 4 different shows. It is a fantastic way to spend New Year's Eve. One price gets you into all the events. Been writing some new songs and plan to premiere them there!

Every musician says "My CD makes a great stocking stuffer." Let me just say, a copy of my CD "Live From Outer Space" would probably make a terrible stocking stuffer. First of all, the first song is about people who hate all their Christmas presents. If the person you're giving that CD to is one of those people, I don't think that first song is going to help matters.

But... A lot of people have given "Sick Humor" as a gift, especially if it's for someone who is chronically ill, or a nurse, a doctor, or any health care worker. The comments I get about these songs are always something like, "Thanks for helping me laugh about this. I never thought I could."

I now have bulk discounts available for Sick Humor.

5-pack of Sick Humor for $49.95 and 10-pack is 89.95. (If you need larger quantities, e mail me for prices.

Have a terrific holiday and a fun healthy New Year-