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If you follow my blog, you already know May is Lupus Awareness month. Kind of desperately needed, as the only thing most people know about lupus is from House MD ... "it's never lupus." So I've been writing some posts for Lupus Awareness Month:

Is lupus contagious?

Defending the lupus diagnosis (yes, people with lupus are being "undiagnosed" and I have a bunch of conspiracy theories about that):

As well as "What is lupus?" "Is lupus genetic?" and... more coming.
In other news, I'm still writing new songs. Recent topics include insomnia, trying to get diagnosed, and an allergic drug reaction. If I keep this up I'm going to have to make a new CD.

The best way to stick to exercise is to make it FUN! My idea of fun is dancing. Any kind of dancing. Right now I'm taking tap dance lessons. I am definitely finding that it's much easier to be consistent about getting exercise if I'm learning a skill and if it's fun. More on this thought here: