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I had *such* a good time performing for Charla de Lupus.

Support groups for illness have come a long way since I first darkened their doors in 1994. Used to be all we were allowed to talk about was drugs and lawyers. Now the conversation is much more open, patients really helping other patients. I've had the pleasure of performing for lupus patients, myositis patients, MS patients, as well as nurses, home health care workers, hospital volunteers, and physicians. I never thought when I started out at 4 years old asking repeatedly for a guitar that this is where it would lead, but it's absolutely where I am supposed to be right now.

It must be, because I'm not the only one having fun at these shows:

“Carla was AMAZING! She’s hilarious and full of energy! She connected with the audience and made our teens and parents from Charla de Lupus/ Lupus Chat® Program at the Hospital for Special Surgery feel special! It was a night to remember! A night of laughter and no worries!! Everyone loved her sense of humor and was able to connect to her songs because it was about their own experiences with lupus! She was so funny and I laughed so hard but yet it touched my heart. Everyone is still talking about it and we hope to have Carla again for our annually comedy night next year!”       
             Lillian Mendez - Program Associate for Charla de Lupus / Lupus Chat® Program at Hospital for Special Surgery
“Carla "The singing patient” is a great performer & comedian. She makes living with lupus seem like nothing. All her songs related to me in a way and had me laughing in my seat.”
           Melvin P. - 14 yr old –Charla Group Teen Member   

Got a special event coming up? Need a singing patient? Want a keynote talk that's empowering, or just some medical comedy? You found me. E me!