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I've had this notion for years that I'd write a book about my adventures as a patient. Over the past year, I thought about it more than usual, and boom- a book deal fell into my lap! It's a small press doing interesting books. My book, which I've been secretly working on since fall of 2008, is slated to come out in early 2011. It's a collection of humorous essays such as "You Can Biopsy When I'm Dead: My 15 Least Favorite Medical Procedures," and "Top 10 Annoying Things to Say to Someone Who's Just Been Diagnosed." I've gathered a few pictures for possible inclusion in the book, ranging from attractive to mildly humiliating. My famous $40 wig will hopefully make it into the photo section. It has been copy-edited (they fixed my typos and grammatical errors- I made a lot so the editors would feel needed). We're entering the final phases- final revisions, graphics, biz stuff with the publicist. I'll keep you posted on the expected release date as we make more progress on these last bits of business.