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This is mostly non-medical humor (except for the bits about coffee enemas and tombstones). Mostly just a bunch of silly songs and jokes recorded live in concert at the XM radio performance theater last summer. But laughter is the best medicine, so if you want to get your mind off your troubles (unless your trouble is with Klingons), this may be just what the doctor ordered. Here's what's on the CD: - Let it Go - The Force Is the Force - My Love - I hope you’re happy - Duet With a Klingon (live, featuring my husband, Joe, as the Klingon) - Bad Song Ideas - Big Hit Medley - One Good Song - Scrambled Eggs - It’s Never Polite to Ask a Girl How Old She Is - We Don’t Need a Walmart - If I Had the Copyright (The F word Song- bleeped) - Duet with a klingon- studio cut plus some comedy bits. I had great engineers, so the sound quality is fantastic. And a really talented illustrator, so the graphics are awesome. Buy it here! Click this text to add to Cart $12.98 Buy it here!