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Someone just asked me how I was going to spend my last day on earth... Well, I said, I need to pack for my holiday trip to South Carolina today. Given how I always overpack, i'll have plenty of luggage with me for the afterlife. And if I'm left behind, I'll see if I have the integrity to still turn down any drunken slobs who I told "not if you were the last guy on earth." My husband Joe said I am confusing the Mayan end of the world prediction with the Rapture, or as he called it the paramecium. Or was it paracea? Parasail? And anyway, why was I being left behind and he wasn't? Because he's a much better person than I am. I try, but he's just good to the core and me, well, I have a lot of interesting qualities but being sweet and good are not my primary traits.

So anyway, just in case we're all still here on New Year's Eve, I better rehearse for the show.