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Well, as you can tell, now that the book is completely edited and out, I'm out of the kitchen (where I wrote most of the book- no, I wasn't "cooking books") and back to my old tricks: traipsing about the country playing here, there and everywhere. March brought me to San Francisco, where I played for Consonance (A science fiction music convention), KKUP, KJFC, and the Mudpuddle Shop in Niles, as well as geeky tourist fun at the Intel Museum and Musee Mechanique. I popped down to L.A. for a quick viist with friends and a short appearance on KZSB, and even more fun taking an aerobics class from Richard Simmons! Back to Niles to retrieve my sneaker (doh!), then fly to Seattle to play for the magical, incredible Moisture Festival. Back home, right back to guitar teaching, then a book event at the really nifty Clinton Book Shop, and a day at the inspiring Arts in Healthcare Conference. I unpacked a week after I got home. And now I'm packing again. Convention in Florida coming up, then zipping through North and South Carolina and doing the dreadful 800-mile drive home by myself. Which is why I'm a bit desperate to figure out where I left my ipod. Cheers, all- and thanks for all the wonderful comments on the book!