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Email Address * I will admit, when Carla first contacted me regarding her book, I wasn’t interested in reading about someone going through illness or major health challenges. For whatever reason, I didn’t delete her email. I reread her email, checked out her website, read more about her book, I was completely taken with her amazing outlook on life, her tenacity and her passion. I emailed her back and asked if I could review her book. I wasn’t disappointed. Carla talks to you honestly, on every level, in her book. She also does it with a fantastic sense of humor. Carla recants her journey through illness, from discovery, traversing the health care maze and dealing with friends and family. Throughout the book she also injects all of her crazy thoughts, ideas and opinions with great wit. My favourite chapter, one that everyone can relate to, sick or not is Chapter 3, That’s Inflammatory! What Not to Eat if You Have an Autoimmune Disease, as well all have to eat. Part 8: But I Like Eating Crap! is my favourite section. I too want to become a reformed crapitarian! No spoiler alert here. You have to read the book. Click on the above link for a chance to enter the contest and win a free copy of the book!