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I started a vlog (video blog) on youtube 20 days ago, after beginning a nutrition/ detox plan.
After a couple posts, someone commented "include some music!"
So now there are new song snippets in most of the videos.

Then someone said "use better lighting!"
So now there is better lighting in most of the videos
(sometimes it's 4am and I have no makeup on, so I use the "bad" lighting").

Then someone said "fart on camera!"
So, now there is... no, no farting on camera.
A fart song though. Well, just a verse.
I chose quality over quantity.
Also songs about sleep, having zero problems, and a couple other topics.
(my youtube channel: )

Bunch of shows coming up!
Some are my laughter- best medicine program, and some are just good old comedy shows.
One of them (Dec. 2) is even ONLINE! Worldwide, I believe, and pay what you like. Check out the "shows" page for more details!