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I was a contestant in the Williamsburg Live Song Contest in November. For anyone outside of Brooklyn, this is not in Virginia, but a neighborhood within Brooklyn. I didn't win, but I made the top 9 (of 150 selected to compete), and the guy whose song I liked the most won. A lot like the time in 1998 or so when I was in a live song contest at Eddie's Attic with 25 other acts and I heard this duo "Lo-fi Masters." I said to myself "Those two should win. Of course, I want to win, but if they don't make it at least to the top 2, those judges are deaf. Well, they won, and shortly after that one of the guys left the duo. The other guy went on to release a few albums and date Jennifer Aniston. Yeah, John Mayer. How much is that other guy from the "lo-fi masters" kicking himself right now? Oh, yeah I made it to the top 4 that night. And a few months after that I was playing at Eddie's and John was working the door. (The record contract took a little while to come about).