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"Four hours ago, I sat down with the book “How can you NOT Laugh at a Time Like This: Reclaim Your Health with Humor, Creativity and Grit” written by Carla Ulbrich. The book was recommended to me in the middle of July, and I of course promptly ordered it on Amazon, however, it sat on bookshelf until this morning. I can’t explain what led me to this book, amongst the 27 others in line waiting to be read, but looking back, I feel like it may have been fate. Because, you see, this book was exactly what I needed at this moment in time."


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“Carla was AMAZING! She’s hilarious and full of energy! She connected with the audience and made our teens and parents from Charla de Lupus/ Lupus Chat® Program at the Hospital for Special Surgery feel special! It was a night to remember! A night of laughter and no worries!! Everyone loved her sense of humor and was able to connect to her songs because it was about their own experiences with lupus! She was so funny and I laughed so hard but yet it touched my heart. Everyone is still talking about it and we hope to have Carla again for our annually comedy night next year!”       
             Lillian Mendez - Program Associate for Charla de Lupus / Lupus Chat® Program at Hospital for Special Surgery
“Carla "The singing patient” is a great performer & comedian. She makes living with lupus seem like nothing. All her songs related to me in a way and had me laughing in my seat.”
           Melvin P. - 14 yr old –Charla Group Teen Member    

"Need a quick pick me up? Grab “How Can You NOT Laugh at a Time Like This?” and read the Table
of Contents. You will find such gems as “You Can't Hide Your Money in an Air Mattress”, “Give a Man a
Rubber Chicken and He Will Laugh for a Day” and “What I Learned by Being a Lousy Athlete”
Order your copy and read it today, even if your only chronic condition is life."

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"I dropped Carla on her head when she was a baby."
"It’s an experience that almost everyone has had. But Carla Ulbrich might the first person to write a song about it. Her song “Sittin’ in the Waiting Room” is about the frustration of doing just that... Embracing the humor of her illnesses didn’t just help her cope, Ulbrich writes in the book. It helped her survive..." read more:
Demand, and receive, the very best care By Mildred L. Culp Passage Media « Live Well - Magazine You’re just back from a doctor’s appointment for yourself, your child or an older relative. The doctor was late, and no one apologized. If this scenario recurs, become a professional patient. (click link to read the article)
"Inside the covers, I found a brilliant writer who maintained an earthy sense of humor about even the grimmest aspects of her health struggles. " 3-page feature story on Carla: her songs, her book, her career.
In this segment from Oct. 7, 2011, Carla discusses her book, humor, health, illness, wellness, and does 3 song snippets.
"Becoming a professional patient is essential if you have a health condition that impacts your ability to work. Carla Ulbrich, the singing patient at Romantic Devil Records Inc., in Somerset, N.J., incorporates this concept by applying project management and relationship skills to her recovery from lupus, an autoimmune disease. These principles ring out in her songs and lively book, “How Can You NOT Laugh at a Time Like This?” (TellMe, $14.95)." Read more:

"'I sing humorous songs, some of which are parodies, about life’s absurdities…with topics ranging from Waffle House to wedgies to Klingons,' Ulbrich said 'Anything that annoys, amuses, perplexes, or confounds needs a song'"

She became well-known for her comic CD, “Sick Humor,’’ book, “How Can You NOT Laugh at a Time Like This?’’, and speaking engagements, inspired by her personal health-related struggles.

“Laughter and humor are important survival skills, and they definitely help smooth out life's rough edges, from tiny annoyances to giant fiascos,” she said.

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"Singer-songwriter and author Carla Ulbrich got sick at age 24. First she lost her job. Then she lost her hair. She then lost kidney function and had a stroke. She nearly lost her life. At some point during her recovery, she also lost her sense of humor. “It was devastating. It took over two years to be diagnosed,” she explained during a recent performance at a Middletown support group for family and friends of people with multiple sclerosis. My friends broke my spell of sadness,” she said, “and I began writing ridiculous, silly songs about being sick." read more:



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